Renewable Hydrogen Summit

More than ever energy policy is security policy. Renewable hydrogen has emerged as a key solution to reduce Europe’s dependence on fossil natural gas and oil imports, build a stronger European economy and meet the climate goals. But how do we accelerate the scaling up of renewable hydrogen and turn a buzzword into reality?

The European Commission has proposed ambitious targets for the fast and large-scale uptake of renewable hydrogen and derived e-fuels in hard-to-electrify industry and transport. Top CEOs and policymakers will discuss the importance of these targets to create a European market for renewable hydrogen, how it will help Europe secure first-mover advantage in the markets of tomorrow, disrupting the status-quo on a global scale, and what it will take to deliver these ambitious targets at least cost.

Join this in-person Summit on May 31, 2022, from 2pm onwards, for an exclusive insight from those who are building the energy landscape and economy of tomorrow.

The event will be followed by a high level cocktail reception from 5:30pm.