Energy communities: technologies and digital tools

Les clusters TWEED et Flux50 organisent 6 webinaires sur les communautés d’énergie. Voici la session 1 :


09:30 Intro to the training sessions and the session of today – Frederik Loeckx, Flux50
10:00 Overview of Energy Communities Value Chain : Technologies and digital tools needed. Exemple with EC Value Chain in Wallonia – Renaud Dachouffe, TWEED

  • 10:20 xxxx – Steven Van Deun, ABB
  • 10:40 Overview of IT challenges & solutions for energy Communities & data exchange with Distribution Network Managers and energy suppliers – Eric Vermeulen, Haulogy
  • 11:00 Solution to allow local residents to participate in the energy transition: the i.LECO Prosumer App. It is a web-based application that offers an intuitive dashboard where residents collaboratively experience the future of renewable energy communities. – Stefan Lodeweyckx, I.Leco
  • 11:20 How to boost Stakeholder & citizen engagement through Energy Community Manager Platform – François Bordes, WeSmart
  • 11:40 controller for HEMS linked to energy communities – Pieter De Clerck, Openmotics
  • 13:30 END