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Université d'été


14 Septembre 201715 Septembre 2017


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L’Université d’été, c’est l’occasion de voir, entendre, s’informer, échanger ! 

Vous y attendent : conférences & ateliers, ainsi qu'une visite guidée de Mons et merveilles !

Transforming our municipalities - From goal to action


20 Septembre 201722 Septembre 2017

Essen (Germany)

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The conference, hosted by the Region of North Rhine Westphalia and the City of Essen, takes place in Europe's 2017 Green Capital - a 'city in transformation'. Highlighting examples of successful municipal transformations supported by strong partnerships, effective tools, and the right financing, this event will engage participants via workshops, special in-situ sessions and ample space for exchange and input.

EEAC Conference 2017


12 Octobre 201713 Octobre 2017

Maastricht (The Netherlands)

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The conference will provide you with a stimulating environment for knowledge-sharing through keynote speeches by internationally recognized experts and politicians, as well as round-table interactions. These round tables will be led by prominent EEAC members, and each will address a specific policy domain related to sustainable development and/or the environment. You will have ample time to:

  • Identify and discuss the challenges we face in implementing environmental and sustainable development policies today and in the 25 years to come
  • Discuss how the tasks ahead are affected by the current political and societal atmosphere and its consequences for the implementation of environmental and sustainable development policies
  • Participate in rich discussions on the effects that the changing science-policy-society interface will have on the handling of strategic environmental and sustainability issues